Take advantage of opportunities not seen by your competition. Our solutions seek to identify weaknesses and strengths that a company's competitors may have, and then use that information to improve the positioning of the client. An effective analysis will first obtain important information about competitor(s), then think of ways to respond.

We aim to enhance the client’s understanding of one or more competitors’ current operational capabilities and future strategies, as well as the level and type of threat they pose.

It includes allowing the client to benchmark itself against different processes in order to optimize its performance versus the competition.

We provide profiling on all sizes and types of organizations, from industry leading corporations to small domestic players.



  • Responding against or preparing for a specific competitor attack in terms of product launch.
  • Analysis of the level of threat posed by a key competitor or new market entrant.
  • Key local markets targeted by the brand.
  • Competitor decision making process and reporting lines.
  • Anticipating and preparing for a change with regards to a competitor future strategy.