Global perspective, ground-level insight.

NORTH STAR Prospectus is a specialist agency, providing back to basics competitive intelligence. We have worked and lived years abroad spanning several different work disciplines and are thus able to put ourselves in the position of our clients. Whether your problem statement is of an analytical or practical nature, we have a deep technological and business know-how to help your company make better decisions.

We combine skills in intelligence gathering and data analysis, with functional and industry-specific knowledge to support our clients.

We use English as working language but also communicate in German, French, Swedish and Finnish. Our function includes a wide network that is expanding continuously.

Our expertise concerns strategy development, analysing the market, marketing, and conducting special projects where a broad cultural and analytical perspective is needed. Our specialty and passion is the process of taking data and information, and convert it into refined key information that contributes to effective market based decisions for the client.

Our perspective has been shaped mostly through international work experiences in a wide range of industries across Europe. This includes the pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, oil&energy services and geosciences sectors.

The functions have been in varying areas such as research and development, customer service, key account management, data processing, strategy and intelligence.


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